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Governor Cuomo listened to your calls, read your letters and saw the sign at TIMES Square and said YES!

I am so excited to announce that Governor Cuomo has stepped up and provided $55 million in funding for the #bFair2DirectCare campaign ($27.5 million on January 1, 2018 and $27.5 million on April 1, 2018). We asked for $45 million in each of the next six years so it is not all that we asked for in the campaign, but it is FANTASTIC!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your efforts on behalf of the people that Racker Centers supports and the staff that support them.

Please reach out to your legislative leaders and thank them for stepping up, they along with you pushed Governor Cuomo to re-prioritize people with disabilities and all the amazing people that support them.

I couldn’t be prouder!


Dan Brown

Executive Director

Franziska Racker Centers


1. Call the Governor's office at (518)-474-1041 and press ext.2 to speak to an assistant. If you get no response, you can then press 1 to leave a voice mail.

2. Call you Senator - Senate Switchboard - (518)-455-2800 - and ask for your Senator. You can find your Senator at 

3. Call your Assembly person - Assembly switchboard (518)-455-4100 - and ask for your Assembly member. You can find your Assembly representative at 


Important Links:

Click here and enter your mailing address to identify your assemblyperson

Click here and enter your mailing address to identify your senator

Click here to find your representative's contact information