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Become a Community Support Professional

What does it mean to be a Community Support Professional?

Work with a child, teen or adult with developmental disabilities to help them learn new skills at home or in the community!. This job gives you the rare ability to help an individual be a successful member of our community...and in turn to make the community a more accepting place for us all. You'll be a mentor and a coach and receive as much as you give. Your work will help people with disabilities make good decisions, build skills, and make new friends as they participate in activities and learn more about their world. While typically a one on one job, there are also opportunities to work as a team through other program channels, as well as with the families of those you serve. 

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As a Community Support Professional some of your activities might include:

~ Accompanying an individual to the store, museum or recreation center to facilitate decision making and social interactions

~ Teaching personal safety, such as watching carefully for cars in parking lots and at intersections.

~ Coaching individuals on making healthy choices for their mind, body and spirit

~ Modeling and teaching skills for positive friendships

~ Offering support to improve confidence and skill in communicating with others

~ Helping to build independence through teaching skills such as public transportation, money management, shopping, cooking etc.


David and MikeWhat are the requirements of the job?

Viable candidates will be patient, responsible and self motivated. This job offers a large amount of autonomy and requires timely submission of paperwork. High school diploma or equivalent required. Eligible candidates must meet the following driver eligibility requirements: Age 20 or older, 3 years licensed driving, Clean driving record, and current New York State driver's license.

What is the pay and hours, and what areas would I serve?

Base pay is $11.00 up to $11.50 (with 5 years relevant experience) and the hours of the position vary and may include day, evening, and/or weekend shifts. Community Support Professionals work in all areas of Cortland, Tioga and Tompkins counties. Some positions require as little as 9 hours per week and could be done in addition to other employment or responsibilities. Other positions are considered full-time and benefits eligible. Schedules vary, are flexible and may include day, evening and/or weekend shifts.


What do other Community Support Professionals say about their job?

"I have enjoyed working with a range of individuals, with unique interests, ages, disabilities, personalities, and family backgrounds. This experience (as a Community Support Professional) has provided me with an opportunity to focus in on each individuals interests, talents and areas for growth." - Claire Prichard

CSS Lisa and Mike

"My work as a Community Support Professional began as a journey of learning a new way of unconditional love and support for an individual who continues to challenge and surprise me with the beauty of this world. I began this job hoping to change a life, yet I leave feeling mine has been changed in more important ways." - Christine Dance


"I never dreamed how much I would learn from Mike about his world. Our time together was never really a job, it was learning, playing, sharing and growing. Mike showed me that the simplest things in life are truly the greatest gifts we can receive and share." - Lisa Coots



Sandy and Megan






"I learn so much from working with Megan. I look at activities and see them in a different light than I used to. Watching her work hard to achieve her goals reminds me that each thing we do is important and each step we take matters." -Sandy Schoenfeldt