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Become a Direct Support Professional

Paola and StaffWhat does it mean to be a Direct Support Professional?

Join our residential teams and help create opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to learn, grow, make new friends and actively participate in their community. You'll work in a home where the individuals live together in a family like environment.  Our direct support professionals work with the residents to take care of their home which may include cooking, cleaning, shopping, meal preparation, laundry, etc. Direct support professionals may also assist the individuals living in the house with eating, getting in and out of a wheelchair, bathing, etc. or making it to work on time.  People living in our residential program have a wide range of abilities and needs. Some of the residents may go to school, work in the community, or volunteer.  They sing and dance, they ski and ride horses.  They celebrate accomplishments and enjoy the love of their friends and families.  They have many gifts to share.  We endeavor to make our residences genuine homes that are truly a part of the neighborhood.

 What are the requirements of the job?

Successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a team, strong written and oral communications skills, and commitment to furthering human interdependence. Viable candidates will be patient, responsible and empathetic.High school diploma or equivalent required. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Eligible candidates must meet the following driver eligibility requirements: Age 20 or older, 3 years licensed driving, Clean driving record, and current driver's license. Non drivers will be considered to meet program needs as appropriate.

Base pay is $11.00 up to $11.50 (with 5 years relevant experience) Available shifts tend to be a day/evening mix, an afternoon/evening mix, or awake overnight, plus hours on the weekend.



As a direct support professional some of your activities might include:

-Support in attaining goals and aspirations, both at home and in the community

-Help to build social capital and maintain relationships with family and friends

-Support and encouragement in learning daily living skills, and assistance with personal care such as dental hygiene, bathing etc.

-Medical care, and administration of medication

-Meal and dietary support

 -Transportation for shopping, social events, doctor appointments


What do other Direct Support Professionals say about the job?

"I feel that I have learned many new things. I enjoy being a part of other's lives and getting to know them and making a difference."

-Samantha, Systems Coordinator



"I feel that my job is challenging and rewarding. I like helping others accomplish new things that they are learning to do." 

-Dawn, Licenced Practical Nurse