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“Racker Centers wants people to be the best they can be. It doesn’t matter if others are also trained in the same discipline, they still invest. Racker Centers is definitely a great company to work for. I enjoy working hands-on with the kids. It’s very challenging, but you experience that one moment after working with a child on something all year, such as them saying your name, and all of a sudden they do, and it makes all of the hard work worth it.” Kathleen Lower, Teachers Assistant, Beetles Classroom, Tompkins County.



"I learn so much from working with Megan. I look at activities and see them in a different light than I used to. Watching her work hard to achieve her goals reminds me that each thing we do is important and each step we take matters." -Sandy Schoenfeldt


"I come to a school filled with spirited young children and staffed by incredibly caring grownups. Together they smile, hold hands, laugh, sing, play and say 'Good Morning'. I do believe that on any given day it is a small gathering of angels!" 
- Meg Gillard, Occupational Therapist and a Franziska Racker Centers employee for 31 years





 "I feel very fortunate to be an employee of the Racker Centers. I work with a team that inspires and challenges me to be my best, and that lives the agency's mission every day. I appreciate the value that the agency places on professional growth, and have regular access to clinical consultations with talented colleagues. It's rewarding to see the results of this support in the success of my students and families. I have the utmost respect for our administrators, and am grateful that the agency consistently demonstrates how much staff members are valued. My own Circle of Courage needs for Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity are fulfilled by my work, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." - Lisa Pate, Day Treatment Counselor




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