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Service Coordination

 Service Coordination is an individualized planning services program for people with disabilities.  Service Coordinators assist individuals with special needs in finding and utilizing available services that can help them accomplish their own personally defined goals for successful lives as active members of their communities. Through information, linkage and referral to community-based resources, advocacy, individualized service plans, and assistance services to access available funds, the program helps individuals and their families establish goals and then supports them as they strive to achieve them.

Some of the services and opportunities Service Coordinators can help people with disabilities and their families access are:

  • Respite, day and home Services
  • Health, clinical and counseling services
  • Adaptive equipment and environmental modifications
  • Educational, recreational and social options
  • Residential and employment options
  • Financial and futures planning

Service Coordinator Eligibility

To be eligible for services, you must:

  • have a documented diagnosis of a developmental disability
  • be enrolled in Medicaid, or be eligible for Medicaid programs*
  • have a need for Service Coordination on a regular basis

* If you are not currently enrolled in Medicaid programs, ask us how we may be able to assist you with the process.


We offer Medicaid Service Coordination in Cortland, Tioga and Tompkins Counties.

For more information on Service Coordination:

In Cortland County Sandy Ehrlich via email at or phone at 607.753.9376 x139.

In Tioga County Kim Luther via email at or phone at 607.687.8929 x403

In Tompkins County Cindy Henderson via email at or phone at 607.882.9520 x365