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Autism Services


Franziska Racker Centers serves individuals with diagnosis within the autism spectrum in many programs and services including early intervention, preschool special education, child care, the autism lending library, service coordination, family resource programs, and  residential services. In our site-based preschool setting we serve children on the spectrum in an integrated classroom setting.

Partnership Program - a classroom that specializes in helping preschoolers with autism or suspected of having autism learn fundamental skills and behaviors through an intensive model known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

We also implement in our classrooms, and conduct trainings throughout communities of successful behavioral models such as:

Autism Lending Library

The Autism Lending Library includes books, videos and software as well as equipment, safety supplies, therapy supplies, and recreational supplies. The library allows families in Tompkins and Tioga Counties to try things out before they make an investment. In some cases there may be eligibility requirements for equipment. Contact us with any questions:Laura Riker at (607) 272-5891 ext: 226 or email