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Friendship Network



The Friendship Network presents a unique opportunity to volunteer in  your local community by doing what you love and meeting new people along the way.

Our primary goal is to support people with developmental disabilities and their families, as they embark on a journey to build relationships.

Individuals with disabilities, like many of us these days, often face isolation. they have the same hopes, dreams, interests and talents. It is not easy for individuals with different abilities to feel included in their community, in activities and to meet new friends. You can help us tear down these barriers.


How you can become involved

As a volunteer, you tell us your interests, passions or skills that you'd like to share. We then introduce you to an individual that has some of the same interests.

Enjoy photography?

Maybe you'd like to help someone learn about digital photography.

Excellent with technology?

Maybe you'd enjoy helping someone become more computer proficient.


Volunteer Requirements

As a volunteer, we ask you to attend an orientation to become more familiar with Franziska Racker Centers, the services we provide, and to learn more about our mission. Depending upon the activities that you will be involved in, you may also need to meet other qualifications such as an approved driver status etc...We understand that it takes time for truly meaningful friendships to blossom, which is why we are looking to the community for volunteers that may be interested in developing a lasting volunteer relationship with Racker Centers.