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Evaluation Services


Franziska Racker Centers' Evaluation Services help families understand their children's strengths, needs, and development processes. Evaluations are the doorway children go through to get services that meet their special needs.

Newborns to 3-year-old children are referred through their County Health Departments' Early Intervention Programs 

Children ages 3-5 years old are referred through their School District's Committee for Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

Children ages 5 years and older are referred through their School District's Committee for Special Education (CSE)

Specialists from a wide range of disciplines assess the children's overall development. This service is most often provided in a child's home or school environment.

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Evaluations also take place at our community clinics. These clinics offer services ranging from hearing tests, hearing aid and wheelchair fittings, to assessments that give unique developmental insight regarding a child's special needs.